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Does your daughter feel like she hasn’t found her people yet? Perhaps her circle of influence is taking her away from her true self? Is 1:1 mentoring a bit out of reach right now?

Good news – I’ve got a solution for you. I am so excited to announce the first Starseed Sister Circle kicking off in Term 2 at Starseeds HQ in Takapuna.

DatesMondays 9, 16, 23, 30 May & 13, 20, 27 June & 4 July

(term commitment)

Time: 4:30pm – 5:15pm

Price: $350

Who: Girls / girl-identifying ages 13-17. Please note that for some students this may not be the best forum for them to receive support. If your daughter is in crisis mode, she will do better with private 1:1 sessions, either with a counsellor / therapist, or with me in the meantime whilst you seek therapeutic support.

Minimum of 4 students required to run these sessions.

This is group mentoring on a highly personal and inclusive level, and at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 mentoring. The benefits of group mentoring are numerous and powerful:

  • Peer support with girls her age and stage who understand what she is going through right now
  • The ability to see and hear that she is not alone (or ‘weird’!)
  • The opportunity to build a sense of community, empowerment and be heard through sharing her thoughts, experiences and advice with girls her own age
  • Guided by an experienced mentor and school teacher who holds a tight and carefully monitored space to ensure students are as safe and comfortable as possible
  • The flexibility to weave both structure and free flowing discussion together to ensure worries are dealt with whilst receiving mentoring on the big issues such as body image, confidence, friends / relationships, school pressure and more
  • Experience the security of a trusted group of girls; something sadly many are yet to experience in life by this age

We will be covering a range of relevant topics throughout the term, and requests are absolutely welcomed if your daughter is struggling with something in particular.

Get in touch now to inquire or secure your daughter’s spot. This is an amazing opportunity to receive support from  me for a whole term and extend your daughter’s (positive) circle of influence.

I have known Bec through workshops I run for young women so it was lovely to offer my daughter an opportunity to be empowered in another space.

Bec has created a beautiful nurturing, feminine space alongside her beautiful energy to support our young women – our future carers and leaders, in this fast pace, stoic, masculine world. 

Thank you Bec for the amazing space you are offering to our young women in Auckland. – Jacqui, Mum

    We would like to thank you for identifying that there is a problem we are facing in today’s society and having your passion, kindness and energy to support us as parents to empower our girls. We saw our daughter change her way of thinking over your sessions and is practicing self care. You yourself are an amazing young woman, and it is people like us who will pull our girls through. – Jo, Mum (Body Esteem Workshop, July 2021) 

      body esteem workshop 


      Price: $350

      Ages 14-16. Girls must attend both dates.

      The Body Esteem Workshop is back!

      One thing I hear from almost all the girls I work with at some stage is some form of communication about their body image and esteem. The overwhelming majority of the time, it isn’t particularly positive.

      The environment young people have to navigate is pretty hideous these days when it comes to body image. Influencers, social media, filters, and aggressive marketing are among the daily challenges they must navigate whilst managing their own perceptions about their changing and growing bodies. All too often, this becomes overwhelming and heartbreaking.

      This 4-part workshop series is geared towards cultivating healthy body esteem and nurturing self-worth and compassion. There is also a movement-based element to the workshops, with short yoga sequences for girls to explore based on energy levels and where they’re at in their cycle (if relevant).

      We will be covering:

      ♡ Who or what influences us most in our lives, and whether we like it that way (and what to do about it)

      ♡ Social media and the role (and toll) it takes in our lives

      ♡ Feeling less alone about all this stuff

      ♡ What healthy is and how to measure it

      ♡ Rituals to honour ourselves

      ♡ Healthy movement

      ♡ Comparisonitis!

      ♡ Building self-compassion and self-worth

      I’d love to help your daughter find a little solace (and her people!) at this workshop, where we’ll be sharing a safe space to feel heard, nourished and honoured.

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      Quit overthinking it!

       Overthinking has become quite a pastime for many of us these days, especially for our precious young people. 

      This 3 hour workshop will equip girls with an understanding of what overthinking is, what it feels like, and tools to deal with it when it happens. This workshop is appropriate for girls aged 11 – 17.

      You can expect the following from this workshop:

      • Explore how we get into states of anxious or over-thinking, and what it looks and feels like

      • Learn and practice a variety of mindfulness techniques (I am a Pause Breathe Smile facilitator)

      • Use a variety of learning styles and resources to explore our feelings and responses (including art, craft, movement, and discussion)

      • 55 minute yoga and relaxation class

      • A goodie bag to take away with her, including her creations from the day and a small gift

      • Light snacks provided half way through the workshop

      New dates are coming for this workshop so please register your interest at the link below to join the waitlist.  

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       Thank you!! Safe to say Lizzy loved it! She enjoyed meeting you and all of the girls on the course! I think she felt pleased that you felt they were a great group. Of mention also was that she enjoyed learning about the inner critic!” – Tracy E – Mum

      Rebel Starseeds aims to provide an inclusive, safe space. Individuals who identify as girls are welcome at all Rebel Starseeds events and offerings.