Why I teach intelligent rebellion

Aug 8, 2020

Ever been called rebellious? 

Was it meant as a compliment? I don’t think when I was called rebellious as a child that it was meant as a compliment, but it always sent a shiver of defiance and strength down my spine. I quite liked being called rebellious, a word often (for some reason) chosen because it went nicely with ‘Rebecca’ (*sidenote: a wonderful student of mine once called me ‘Rambunctious Rebecca’ which I thought not only suited but could give ‘Rebellious’ a run for its money). I still like being called rebellious, but it’s a word I think of quite differently these days.

The name ‘Rebel Starseeds’ came to me in one of my best thinking spots: the shower (do you have those spots too?!) Rebel because fitting in is way overrated, and Starseeds because a) it sounds gorgeous, and b) the definition of a starseed is essentially someone who feels they are a little out of place and don’t belong (… that is if we leave the rest of the definition out of it, because it really means not even of this planet… *eye bulge emoji*). So Rebel Starseeds is here to stand for rebelling against being put in a box, whilst helping girls feel like they have somewhere they really belong. Pretty much the core of my mission, really.

I really believe that rebellion is necessary these days. Intelligent rebellion, mind you. If we can teach our children to rebel intelligently, that means that they feel empowered, use their voices and stand up for what they believe in, and against those things that they really don’t. I believe this is a vital skill to teach our young people these days, with influences coming from all directions thick and fast, false accounts of goings-on, freedom of choice, access to all sorts of questionable stuff online, intense bullying that the online world has allowed for… and on the flipside, there are so many causes that kids are intensely passionate about and now they have the ability to share and be heard and supported from all over the globe! (which is obviously amazing!) There’s a lot that we need to help empower our kids to work through, and with the confidence of using their voice to do so. 

Intelligent rebellion could look like standing apart from the crowd and supporting the kid getting bullied. It could look like saying no when your mates are pressing you to try your first drink or cigarette. It could look like campaigning for the climate, like intelligent rebeller, Greta Thunberg (no matter whether you agree with her, she sure knows how to use her voice to share what’s important to her in the face of corporates and criticism). It could even be later in life when she needs to stand up to unfair treatment in her work environment, knowing that this won’t necessarily land well with her employer. This is rebelling from the status quo. Standing up for what you believe in. Refusing to be silenced, sidelined, or overlooked. Risking for a greater cause. Defying society’s love of categorising, stereotyping, and telling us what to do and love. And it is all intelligent… there’s no rebellion without a cause here. 

Sounds good, right? This is one of the four pillars of Rebel Starseeds (the others are empowerment, self love, and connection to nature just in case you were wondering!) and it’s one of the driving forces behind why I do what I do.

What are your thoughts on this as a concept? I’d love to know – leave a comment below.

Lots of love and sparkles x


Rebel with a real cause ♡


Bec is the human behind Rebel Starseeds. She loves being outside, avocados and anything to do with the ocean. She also likes to write a lot, especially about things to do with wellbeing for girls + women, in the hope that she can find help others empowerment and joy from within themselves with a little reconnection, rewilding and rebelling (where necessary!)

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