What is Reiki Healing & why should I try it?
Oct 11, 2019

Reiki has been in my life since 2016, when a friend suggested I see my incredible Reiki Master for a treatment. I had been suffering from anxiety, as so many of us do these days, and although I had heard the word ‘Reiki’ being used here and there, I really had no idea what to expect when I showed up for my first session. Fast forward 3 years, and clearly that introduction was a life changer. As I near the end of my Reiki Master / Teacher degree, the culmination of a few years’ study and practice, I want to share what Reiki is and how Reiki can help you.

What is Reiki?

Put very simply, Reiki is healing with your hands. The word Reiki literally means ‘universal’ (Rei) ‘life energy’ (ki). It is an ancient energy healing practice that was rediscovered and subsequently passed on by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan, in the late-1800s. Through years of meticulous study of ancient texts and several initiations, Dr Usui discovered how to channel universal light energy through the hands in order to heal and restore balance. We are all made up of energy, and when this energy gets blocked in an area of the body, it can cause pain, illness, fatigue, anxiety… essentially it can show up as any form of inbalance. Reiki helps to move this energy in order to clear the block. If this is sounding a bit woo to you, hang in there!¬†

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive form of healing. Reiki itself can do no harm; it is light energy, and any healing will always be for the highest good of the receiver. If for some reason the receiver does not want to receive the energy, then it will be deflected and disperse. It can cause shifts for people, though, and whilst this might not feel like the best thing at the time, know that it is always working towards your highest good. Clearing a block is always a good thing, right?!

What does Reiki help with?

Reiki can help with so many things! Personally, I find it is an especially helpful tool in dealing with anxiety and stress. Reiki can help to promote relaxation, pain management, faster healing from physical injuries, and in some places in America and Europe, it is being used in hospitals to assist with patients’ healing. With Reiki gaining popularity and becoming more mainstream, it is likely we will see more of this in coming years – awesome!

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

During a Reiki treatment, clients either sit in a chair or lie fully clothed on a massage table, often with eyes closed. The practitioner will move around the client and place his or her hands at different positions. It is absolutely fine to request that there be no touch at all, if preferred. Treatments can vary in length, depending on the structure of the session, the needs of the client, and the way the practitioner works. Personally, my sessions are about an hour in length. I spend time speaking with the client to start with, and we figure out what needs healing, what they want to release, and where they would like balance and healing in their life / body. We then spend the remainder of the session doing the energy healing, and I ask clients to focus, with positive framing, on what they wish to balance, heal, or call in.

Who can ‘do’ Reiki?

Everyone can benefit from Reiki Healing, and anyone can be attuned to Reiki energy, whether temporarily or for life! Reiki practitioners are trained through several degrees, the progression of which allows them to expand their capacity to channel energy. As with anything, though, it takes practice to be able to channel a lot of energy! The levels are 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, Master Degree and finally Master / Teacher, although some Reiki branches vary in how they describe these levels of attunement. 1st Degree practitioners are trained with a view to providing themselves with self-care and healing to loved ones. 2nd Degree and up can give treatments to others. Only Reiki Master / Teachers are able to teach and attune other people to Reiki.

Exciting news!

As I mentioned above, soon I will be starting to teach Reiki to clients, beginning with… teens! I am really excited to offer this as a wonderful tool for self-love and empowerment, woven together with my mentoring work. If you would like to be the first to know about my first Reiki course for the special young woman in your life, let me know!


Feeling inspired? Curious? Desperately in need of some Reiki? Get in touch with me now to chat or book a session and see what Reiki can offer you.

Lots of love and sparkles x


Reiki: the ancient art of healing with your hands


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