What are women’s circles?

Feb 28, 2020

Women’s circles are certainly on the rise. What are they, why are they so popular, and why should I attend?

Women’s circles are gaining momentum as a new way to gather, meet like minded women, and spend what is generally an evening chilling out and nourishing yourself. They may feel like a relatively new concept, but one of the most beautiful things about women’s circles is that women have actually been gathering in this way for millennia; we just might not have heard of them because this practice was driven largely underground when such gatherings were seen as anti-establishment and associated with witchcraft. As a result, women’s circles largely disappeared for centuries out of fear of persecution. Whilst in some areas around the globe, women are still subjected to hideous, oppressive regimes that prevent them from gathering freely, thankfully in many cultures, women’s circles are no longer considered taboo. 

What goes on in a women’s circle gathering is really as diverse and unique as us women ourselves. Wonderfully, many groups meet for so many reasons; from honouring the cycles (whether seasonal, lunar or our own moon cycle), to meeting to share business support and ideas, to teaching about menstruation for our young women, to simply catching up and sharing the burdens of everyday life. Some meet informally in a circle of two; some online; some request koha; others are experiences that we choose to pay for. 

In the circles that I run, there are some common agreements amongst women and girls: we hold space for one another by being supportive, helping to empower our sisters around us, and allow her to move through whatever thought or emotion that arises; we provide a safe space for sharing and going deep; the whole experience is highly permissive – whatever you need to do, whether it is move, cry, laugh, share or not share is perfectly fine – we live in such regimented societies that I believe circles are our time to be as we need to be; and we request that you check your judgment at the door – again, we live amongst too much of this to bring it into a sacred healing space. As you can imagine, this sets the scene for a wonderfully nourishing, supportive experience, designed to uplift and empower those women and girls in attendance.

I am so excited to be introducing Mama Daughter Circles in Term 2 this year, held at the gorgeous space The Pretty Collective. This will be a beautiful, uplifting and nourishing experience that gifts time and space to mothers and their daughters to bond and create some special memories. We will be meeting fortnightly throughout the term to learn from one another, reconnect with nature and the cycles, have some much needed time out with gentle, guided meditation, and a little fun crafting here and there. There will be candles, warming tea, and a gorgeous opportunity to experience sitting in circle whilst introducing your daughter (or your mum!) to this special, ancient practice that is returning to women after so long. 

If this sounds like something you would love to join me for, get in quick – we only have space for 6 mama-daughter clusters. Book now or feel free to get in touch for a chat. I can’t wait to see you there.

Lots of love and sparkles x


Circles can include movement, such as yoga or dance. In a recent workshop for girls we gathered in circle and shared yoga and breathwork.


Bec is the human behind Rebel Starseeds. She loves being outside, avocados and anything to do with the ocean. She also likes to write a lot, especially about things to do with wellbeing for girls + women, in the hope that she can find help others empowerment and joy from within themselves with a little reconnection, rewilding and rebelling (where necessary!)

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