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Shine From Within

Based in Australia, Shine From Within is a stunning community, founded by the utterly divine Amanda Rootsey, and dedicated to the mentoring and wellbeing of teenage girls. I did my Youth Mentor Training with them, and cannot recommend them enough if this resonates with you as the next step on your journey! Feel free to chat with me about this, or visit their website below.

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AWWA makes awesome period proof underwear, right here in New Zealand! They kindly supply me with a few pairs for my Period Power school talks and offer a discount of 15% if you use the code REBEL with your purchase. Shot AWWA!

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a celebration day for girls

This is a wonderful international network of women who hold celebration days to honour the rite of passage of menarche for girls. Check out the website for a facilitator and event near you.

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Online Academy by Shine From Within

Shine From Within Youth Mentoring runs a beautiful online platform that supports teens through community, regular check ins, hang outs, and classes from a diverse range of teachers throughout the world. I love being part of the team and teaching the occasional class. Check it out below!

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girlosophy series

By Anthea Paul

(Sorta!) oldies, but goodies! Gorgeous, REAL, colourful, diverse… I was a little heartbroken when Girlosophy pulled the pin on their day to day offerings, but thank goodness the legacy of the books remain! A gorgeous addition to your collection, for women and girls of any age.

women who run with the wolves

By Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph. D.

For serious readers! It took me a long time to get through this utterly stunning classic, and I know I will be revisiting it many a time in the future. There is so much goodness, so many lessons and so many layers to unpack in each sitting. Explore the wild woman archetype through deep, layered storytelling; such divine medicine that truly nourishes the soul.

goodnight stories for rebel girls

By Francesca Cavallo & Elena Favilli

If you are looking for inspiring role models, look no further! These books celebrate some of the incredible women of our world and their feats, ingenuity and passions.

big magic

By Elizabeth Gilbert

This is an inspirational exploration of creativity: how it comes to us; the delusion of the need to suffer in order to be creative; and the role that fear plays in all of this.

Dr libby books

By Dr Libby Weaver

Dr Libby Weaver (known as Dr Libby) is someone I so admire for her service to women’s health and wellbeing. Not only a fantastic writer, who is able to break down a range of topics relevant to women’s wellness, she is also a wonderful speaker. I recommend any of her books – they are all excellent, informative and realistic. Check out her books and website for more info.

Breathe + teen breathe magazines

Lovatts Media

Okay, technically not books, but the next best thing! These are beautiful magazines that promote all things positive and wellbeing. Check them out for a refreshing and much healthier read than so much of what’s on offer in the magazine industry today.

strong is the new pretty

By Kate Parker

I utterly adore this book. Filled with quotes from girls from all walks of life, celebrating their uniqueness and diversity. Check out Kate’s instagram as well – she is a beautiful photographer, and her work with kids is so very uplifting. She has also recently released “The Heart of a Boy” – another gorgeous work to explore.

mastering your mean girl

By Melissa Ambrosini

I came across this book when in a bit of a puddle-type time of life. It is a visually beautiful book with great advice and food for thought, journalling prompts and pockets of inspiration galore. Highly recommended if you have a ‘mean girl’ nattering away inside your head! (better suited to older teens and up)

first, we make the beast beautiful: a new story about anxiety

By Sarah Wilson

This was such a beautiful and thoughtful read. Sarah looks to gently celebrate and examine anxiety from a different angle, providing a little relief from feeling alone and overwhelmed when dealing with mental illness.

love your lady landscape

By Lisa Lister

Oh I just adore this woman and all of her books and work! This important book celebrates women and their cyclic natures. It is real, unapologetic, empowering and inspirational. A brilliant read if you need a little reminding of how amazing you and your body really are.

Services + Other Offerings

the period place

This is an awesome initiative in Aotearoa, NZ that is standing up to put a stop to period shaming. Running the first boutique period market in 2019 and with a burning passion to affect change, this epic organisation is one to watch!

wellness riders

I cannot express my love for these wahine more! Wellness Riders is run by two incredible humans and a team of epic rider teachers who have a desire to share their love of board sports (mainly skateboarding) and its life changing impact on increased wellbeing with girls and women in NZ. Not only have I attended their events, but I have used their epic services for students at school, and the happiness and stoke vibe was at an all time high! Check out their amazing work here.

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