So what’s sisterhood about?
May 30, 2019


It’s a word that carries broad and differing connotations for many. You may approach it with suspicion. You may be aching for that kind of connection. You may even find some religious connection with that word. You might just think of your actual sister, and no further. In any case and for want of a better word, what I’m writing about today is the other girls and women in your life. The other girls and women in your community. The other girls and women around the globe… and how these girls and women come together in sacred space.

Beautifully, in recent years, there has been a shift and resurgence in women wanting to gather and lift one another up once again, just like in ancient times before a gathering of women inspired fear in society. We come together to hold space for one another, to listen to each other, to support, to cry, to laugh together, to celebrate and to be still together. Should you choose to circle with your sisters, look for a gathering that makes you feel safe, supported, held and loved. Different circles will resonate with different people, and themes could be anything from a book club to the current phase of the moon. The most important thing is the energy and how you feel!

To me, it seems that sisterhood is massively and increasingly important, especially in these times when so much division is created through various means (social media, oppressive regimes, societal norms, patriarchal culture… etc). Seen that quote that’s floating around social media land recently about fixing another queen’s crown without telling the world it’s crooked? That’s the kind of sisterhood I aspire to contribute to and be a part of. So how do we create it when often there is so much suspicion and competition between womxn and girls?

I think one of the first steps is to reach out to your own community and start your own circle (more to come on this at a later date – watch this space!) Establish rules of engagement – expectations of the energy individuals bring to the gathering. Focus on building trust through sharing, deep listening, and supporting, and refrain from giving advice unless requested. You can then take these practices out into the world with you… maybe try a couple of these ‘rules of engagement’ in your workplace or at school. Watch the ripple effect. See how you feel.

It all has to start somewhere, after all, this is how we build a movement.

Lots of love and in sisterhood x


This gorgeous photo is by Melissa Askew on Unsplash. Yay for sisterhood! 


Bec is the human behind Rebel Starseeds. She loves being outside, avocados and anything to do with the ocean. She also likes to write a lot, especially about things to do with wellbeing for girls + womxn, in the hope that she can find help others empowerment and joy from within themselves with a little reconnection, rewilding and rebelling (where necessary!)

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