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Reconnect. Rewild. Rebel.

Rebel Starseeds was born out of a deep desire to be of service to women and girls.

This desire is fundamental to each of the offerings you’ll find below, whether that be one-on-one mentoring, bespoke school programmes, celebrating the divine rites of passage, or nourishing energy healing. Allow me to hold space and weave my magic for you, safe in the knowledge that you are being seen, supported and loved.

See what resonates for you below.

~ Self-love ~ Empowerment ~ Intelligent Rebellion ~

Reiki Healing

Reiki is one of my deep loves and passions. It is a way of life for me, and its uses know no bounds! This healing art harnesses universal energy in order to heal and energise, and can have profound effects on stress levels, anxiety, emotional wellbeing, tiredness and exhaustion, physical healing… the list goes on! Not everyone experiences Reiki in the same way, but anyone can benefit from it whether it ‘makes sense’ to them as a concept or not. I provide full body healing sessions (coupled with coaching if desired) to assist with deep relaxation and mental / emotional wellbeing. 

Healings are done fully clothed on a massage table, with a blanket for warmth or comfort if you wish. I will move around the table to different positions, and if requested, these can be without physical touch. Simply lie back, relax and enjoy the energy infusion. I can also do absent healings (Reiki can be ‘sent’) for which you do not need to be present. Otherwise, for in person sessions, I am based on the North Shore in Auckland. Curious? Get in touch to find out more!

Pricing: $90 per hour session

Holistic wellness, self-love + empowerment coaching for teen girls

Unique as your daughter or special young woman herself, I provide holistic, personally tailored coaching and mentoring to help girls rediscover self-love and empowerment. As an experienced teacher, life coach, youth mentor, and healer, I absolutely love providing this service for girls aged between 11 – 18 years. Drawing from my wealth of knowledge across many modalities, I will be there to hold hands, cheerlead and celebrate the precious girl in your life, helping them navigate the turbulent waters these ages so often bring. You can book 6 or 12 session series, or we can work together on a more long-term support basis. Available both in person (in Auckland, New Zealand) or online, this is the ultimate gift to your daughter or precious young woman that will just keep on giving. 

These kind words from parents say it all: “Just a quick note to say how much [we] really appreciate your help with [our daughter] on her journey – its outstanding thanks, and we’re already seeing a noticeable difference in her behaviour and attitude. You are truly amazing!  Thanks so much for your efforts and conscientious follow-up!  [We] really appreciate your input and guidance.  It has meant the world to us!” – (names withheld for privacy)

I would love to be there for your daughter or the special young woman in your life as her mentor. Get in touch for a complimentary chat to see if we are a good fit, and how I can help.

Pricing: NZ$690 for a 3 month 6-session series // NZ$1200 for a 6 month 12-session series // One-off and ongoing rate at NZ$120 per hour session

workshops for tweens + teens

The Overthinker’s Workshop for girls: dealing with our anxious thoughts 

Time & Date: Sunday 20 September, 10am – 1pm 

Venue: The Pretty Collective, Takapuna, Auckland

Price: $50 per student

Join us in the gorgeous space that is The Pretty Collective, as we navigate what anxious and over-thinking is, why this can happen to so many of us, and a diverse range of techniques and tips to deal with our worrying. As a Pause, Breathe, Smile facilitator, yoga teacher, school teacher and just a general human who has lived and thrived with anxious thinking, I would love to support the special girl in your life as she learns to navigate what can be a lonely and frustrating time. 

You can expect the following from this workshop:

  • Explore how we get into states of anxious or over-thinking, and what it looks and feels like

  • Learn and practice a variety of mindfulness techniques (I am a Pause Breathe Smile facilitator)

  • Use a variety of learning styles and resources to explore our feelings and responses (including art, craft, movement, and discussion)

  • 55 minute yoga and relaxation class

  • A goodie bag to take away with her, including her creations from the day and a small gift

  • Light snacks provided half way through the workshop

The learning intentions for this workshop are for girls to leave knowing what can cause anxious or over-thinking behaviour, and have tools and skills to help manage their emotions during these challenging times.

Book now or get in touch if you have more questions!

Mama + daughter circles

POSTPONED: Given the current health and safety situation, scheduled fortnightly Term 2 Mama Daughter Circles at The Pretty Collective in Takapuna, Auckland, are POSTPONED until further notice.

I am still taking expressions of interest for when we are able to start up again, so please scroll down for details.

If you have ever experienced sitting in a beautifully held circle with other women, then you’ll understand when I say sitting in circle with your daughter is a must! Held in the evening, when the lights are dim, the candles are bright and the moon’s in the sky (or maybe behind a cloud!), you will arrive with your daughter(s) to our circle, maybe see some familiar faces, and settle into the space. You will be guided through short meditations and rituals to help you to ground and connect with nature and the precious girl(s) in your life, maybe learning a little along the way, and being encouraged to share your wisdom with your child or children as well. We close with nourishing tea and treats, hugs and love. Crafted to honour the moon and seasonal cycles and celebrate woman- and girl-hood, this is a regular event not to be missed! 

Spaces are limited, so make sure you get yourself on the waitlist for when we are back in action!

Venue: The Pretty Collective, 65B Barry’s Point Road, Takapuna, Auckland

Enquire at the button below, or get in touch to find out more.

Mama blessings

Rebel Starseeds Mama Blessings are the new baby shower! Whilst we do a lot in our culture to celebrate the arrival of baby, with gifts and games and present lists, sometimes the focus is lost on the all important Mama, who really needs a lot of support and nourishment too! This is a beautiful ceremony, designed to help Mama to feel ready, seen, held and honoured at this all important time. Mama offer a soulful and nourishing celebration of Mama, surrounded by her sister circle! Mark this incredible and life changing rite of passage with a loving and peaceful vibe, specifically tailor-made and delivered where, when and how you or the new Mama would love it. Get in touch for a chat now!


With experience in public speaking, teaching, and holding sacred space, I love being given the opportunity present on a range of topics regarding teen girls’ and women’s holistic wellbeing, at schools and wellness events. I have plenty of experience running school-based programmes that amplify empowerment, celebrate individuality, and promote self-love for girls, and I would love to do the same for a special group of girls at your school.

I am also a menstrual educator with Celebration Day for Girls, and I offer Celebration Days to girls and their families to help them mark this important rite of passage and begin their journey into womanhood in a positive and empowering way.

Get in touch to have a chat to see what I can offer you in terms of bespoke programmes and Celebration Days for Girls.

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