1:1 Mentoring for girls

+ Parent Support

You want support for your daughter
as she navigates adolescence

Right now she’s facing…

♡ Lowered self-esteem and confidence

♡ A loud inner critic

♡ Constant ‘drama’ in her life

♡ Perfectionism or a lack of motivation

♡ An unhealthy relationship with social media

♡ Moodiness and anxious thoughts

♡ Challenges with friends and relationships

♡ Difficulty communicating with loved ones

♡ Crippling pressure to succeed (in school and beyond)

♡ Uncertainty about the future

♡ Anxiety around world events

♡ Feeling like she doesn’t know where she fits in

… and more (teen life is no easy feat these days!)

It can be a seriously challenging time – but you and your daughter aren’t alone in this.

Having a mentor during these times is absolute gold.

What’s a mentor? An objective, non-judgemental adult who is in your child’s corner, supporting, listening, cheerleading and gently guiding them through the crazy ride that is adolescence. As an experienced school teacher, internationally certified Youth Mentor & Life Coach, I’m here to support you both to navigate teen life.

I work with girls to help them find empowerment, confidence, self-compassion and acceptance, combat crippling perfectionism, and generally to be a good listener and an objective, non-judgemental support person when they need it most.

“Bec was truly like our lifeline! Lulu is making great strides in terms of her integration into the community at school and we will forever be grateful that we were provided this great care by Bec. We truly believe Bec helped Lulu navigate one of the toughest years of her life to date…” 


Oh so many reasons! I am really proud of the rapport I build with clients (and with kids in general – it’s always been this way throughout my career of working with children, no matter their age), and that’s just the beginning! Let me share the reasons why I’m the mentor for you:

  • I am an experienced and well-loved school teacher. My excellent relationships with students was always central to and a powerful aspect of my teaching. I listen well and I know how to talk to and get onside with kids!
  • I get results. I’m good at what I do! Parents I work with are grateful, and the girls that I work with frequently mention how much better they feel towards the end of sessions
  • I provide a holding pattern for girls who are waitlisted for therapy. Our wait times for support in New Zealand are currently quite frightening, and I find that more and more families seek my services to provide support for their daughters whilst waiting for their first appointments. I can and do work alongside registered therapists to ensure that clients are getting the best attention and support possible*
  • I have a safe, private, indoor space for our sessions, which families are welcome to visit prior to us working together. I also operate online, and support both local and international clients this way
  • I am committed to providing a safe space for girls to express themselves. It’s hard to shock me, and clients will never find themselves being judged or shamed. Ever.
  • I provide a service to parents/guardians as well to help you understand and communicate better with your daughter (see below for more on this)
  • I have had extensive international training in coaching, youth mentoring, and a range of wellbeing practices which I weave together to provide the best service possible for you and your teen
  • I’m a passionate learner, so I’m also continually studying and upskilling in order to add to my toolkit!

*Please note I am not a therapist. If I feel your daughter would be better supported by a therapist rather than mentoring, I will communicate this to you immediately.

Guess what? I Offer parent support too!

I can help you to complete the mentoring circle for your daughter and become her best mentor.

With my parent support package, I act as your ‘teen translator’, supporting you to learn how to parent as a mentor. 

This is NOT parent coaching – there’s enough of that out there already and you’re probably over receiving advice, right? Everyone has a different opinion (and some of the energy around it can be so judgy – yuck). This is all about learning to hear what your daughter needs from you as a parent, and learning to respond in a way that is positive, affirming and grounded. 

The magic here lies in the fact that I work with both you and your child. Through mentoring I get to know your daughter really well, and because of that, I am able to work with you to help you understand some of her more challenging or puzzling behaviours. One of the things that sets my approach apart is the way that I communicate with both you and your daughter: I use the same language. I am not the go-between. Things are transparent and built upon trust. Of course I keep necessary aspects confidential, but you won’t catch me taking sides or appeasing anyone. The goal is to get you back on the same team and do so authentically.

Using my nifty Teen Translation Technique, we focus on 3 areas together: how to talk to your teen; how to listen to your teen; and the mentoring strategies you can use with your teen. You will learn tools that will help you to improve communication and demonstrate support for your daughter as she navigates adolescence and beyond. 

I also provide a space for you to be heard and offer a safe place for you to offload if necessary. We all know how tricky that can get when we do this with our friends – they love us and only want to help, but the upshot is it can feel conflicting, sometimes irritating when they share unwanted advice or how wonderful their relationship is with their daughter, and it can feel a little like you’re betraying your child by talking about them in this way. As an objective mentor, I can receive this openly and without judgment, and often it helps to build a more complete picture in terms of how I can support through mentoring.

Support is available as an add-on to my mentoring programmes for girls, and is available over the phone unless otherwise requested. 


♡ She needs a safe space to chat about anything with a trusted, objective adult

♡ She is having trouble with friends or relationships

♡ She is feeling overwhelmed by all the changes that are happening right now

♡ She is already working with a therapist, but needs someone additional to talk to in a ‘big sister’ kind of way

♡ She needs help building her sense of self, confidence, empowerment and seeing how wonderful she is as an individual

♡ She has been going through a lot lately and you’re worried she has become distant or flat

♡ She just needs someone constant in her corner


♡ She needs urgent help from a therapist or is in crisis mode. Whilst mentoring is great as supplementary support in this instance, if you need to prioritise, I strongly recommend choosing to work with a therapist instead. Please get in touch for some suggestions on who to work with if this is you.

♡ She is getting on super well right now and is having no concerns

♡ You have strong, open communication with your daughter and are able to solve all problems together easily

What you can expect through mentoring

♡ A daughter who learns how to communicate better with loved ones

♡ A safe space for your daughter to share how she is feeling and release some pressure

♡ Strategies to deal with overwhelm, anxious thinking and a loud inner critic

♡ Support when she feels alone due to friendship dramas and challenges

♡ A rational, objective adult to help your daughter work through painful self talk

♡ Help and support dealing with social media

♡ A consistent cheerleader who has her best interests at heart

♡ As one dear client put it, simply ‘another set of eyes’ on your daughter as she navigates this time

Mentoring packages

Building good relationships takes time. That’s why you have the option of choosing one of two mentoring series, both with or without parent support.

Each package begins with a one-off mentoring session where your daughter and I get to know each other and talk through the pre-mentoring questionnaire. We’ll also deal with anything that’s currently on her mind, just like we would for a regular mentoring session.

From there, you then decide which option suits you and your family best:

OPTION 1: 6 session series NZ$1500 // OPTION 1 + PARENT SUPPORT NZ$2000

(with sessions to be completed within 3 months)

OPTION 2: 12 session series NZ$2800 // OPTION 2 + PARENT SUPPORT NZ$3300

(with sessions to be completed within 6 months)

What’s included:

☆ 6 or 12x 1 hour Mentoring Sessions for your daughter

☆ Whatsapp support for your daughter in between sessions

☆ Email follow ups after the session with key points and reminders

☆ Welcome gift

☆ Access to the private Instagram group for Rebel Starseeds Inner Circle for added support and community

☆ 20% discount on all Rebel Starseeds workshops held during our mentoring relationship

Plus if you choose parent support:

☆ Phone support up to 2 hours (6 session series) or 4 hours (12 session series) in length

☆ Voxer support for quick questions in between times

☆ Access to the private Facebook group for Rebel Starseeds parents for added support and community

☆ Cheat sheets on hot topics such as social media use, communication hacks and more

☆ A further 5% off all Rebel Starseeds workshops held during our mentoring relationship


Frequently Asked Questions

☆ Can my daughter do one-off mentoring sessions with you?

No, sorry. In order to get the most out of mentoring, it’s important to build a trusting relationship, and that takes time. I no longer offer one-off sessions because of this. You get much better support and value for money by investing in a mentoring package.


☆ What happens when the mentoring series ends?

Hopefully you and your daughter have had such a good experience that we keep working together! You may choose to do another round of mentoring, or you may feel that mentoring is complete for now. It’s up to you!


☆ Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, a payment plan is available. Please mention this at the time of booking.

☆ How does a mentoring session work?

Based on your pre-mentoring questionnaire and our sessions to date, I plan for each session, however, I stay flexible enough to be guided by your daughter and address her needs on the day. We may do some kind of activity, work with visualisations, or we may simply talk. I have a whole range of tools at my disposal!

☆ Where does mentoring take place?

Mentoring can take place online, or in person at Starseeds HQ in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand.


☆ How frequent are the sessions?

I work with clients on an either weekly or fortnightly basis. It’s up to you and your daughter (and my availability) as to how frequently we have our sessions.


☆ What happens if we decide to stop mentoring part way through the series?

Once we have commenced the 6 or 12 session series, we’re in it all the way. Making this commitment can feel stretchy, however, to make a difference with mentoring, there needs to be that commitment in order to build trust in the mentoring relationship. One or two sessions is really not enough to see lasting change through mentoring. 


☆ What other ways can my daughter work with you?

Absolutely! I run workshops from time to time on a range of topics for both girls and their families. Pop on up to the ‘work with me’ tab to check out what’s on offer, or sign up for the newsletter to be the first to hear about new offerings.


Rebel Starseeds aims to provide an inclusive, safe space. Individuals who identify as girls or as female are welcome to all Rebel Starseeds events and offerings.