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Love notes from our starseeds


“Coaching with Bec from Rebel Starseeds has been the most powerful experience of this year so far! Before I started coaching with Bec I was tired, drained and stressed with big ideas but uncertain and overwhelmed with the rather unclear big picture. Not only that, I didn’t even know where to start with all of this. Bec helped me gain clarity around my goals around making self-care a priority, becoming more confident and delivering more inspiring content on my website and social media and creating an ebook. It was because of Bec’s guidance and support I was able to become more aware of my thoughts, my automatic process of ‘playing small’ and provide me with resources and asked powerful questions to help me to think big and achieve my goals. From my time with Bec, I am now posting more consistently on my social media, became clearer on my target audience in my coaching and mentoring business, in the process of producing an inspiring ebook and making self-care a big priority to the point that I can barely imagine how I was functioning before! Throughout my coaching series, Bec gave me the opportunity to express myself and dive deep into my business and health and wellbeing which is very important to me. Bec was so supportive but at the same time kept me accountable and continued to make sure that I was growing throughout the experience. I would definitely recommend a coaching series with Bec!”

— Bec Swan, Lead with Heart, Australia

sharyn holmes

“When I first met Bec Coldicutt in person after connecting with her online through our youth mentor training, I felt her genuine kind-hearted presence, joy and zest for life immediately. Her radiance is infectious in the best possible way. I need to be reminded of these things, and this is what I look for in a mentor and space holder. Bec is a supportive teacher and mentor who nurtures and empowers everyone she connects with. Rebel Starseeds is a much-needed space for girls today. I know that every girl guided by Bec will be encouraged and empowered to live her fullest potential. Bec is an experienced and passionate facilitator who is highly skilled at holding space for women and girls. I highly recommend working with Bec having been fortunate enough to experience the loving space (and sisterhood) she so beautifully holds.”

— Sharyn Holmes, Gutsy Girl, Australia

lyn-marie harris

wanted to say WOW!

The respect and love the girls had for Rebecca was lovely to see. I work alongside lots of different schools, some teachers sit on the side lines and some are simply “their teacher”. The girls told me and continually showed through out the day that Rebecca helped them, guided them and told me she was there for them. Which is such a positive thing, you could really feel it in the room and when they left they were on a high.

This was such a great thing the girls had a friend to turn to if they needed not just a teacher, what an important role!”

Lyn-Marie Harris, DizziePixieDesigns, New Zealand

Alli Nelson

“Bec. Ahhhh. Time with her is like a vibrant breath of fresh air, and together, you give life to your dreams and desires! 

She is so down to earth and ‘matey’ in her interactions, that you instantly feel like you’ve landed yourself a new friend. And Bec is 100 percent someone you want in your circle, because she absolutely wants to see you rock your goals and is cheering you on with her whole heart!

That’s what I loved most about coaching with Bec; how she reflected back to me my efforts with so much honour, acknowledgement and encouragement that I was able to shift to believing in and celebrating my wins too! 

There is so much depth to Bec and her coaching style. Her mind is sharp and her intuition is switched on. She will call BS on superficial ego responses and lead you to the depths within your own self, through her profound soul-reaching questions, and her sacred space holding abilities. 

Coaching with Bec comes highly recommended from me! It was such a positive and powerful experience for myself. 

With the deepest of gratitude for our time together Bec, thank you!”
— Alli Nelson, Holistic Wellbeing,  Australia

Lulu*’s mum

“Lulu had been a happy and well-adjusted girl most of the time at primary school.  She was involved in many extracurricular activities and had a lovely circle of friends.  When Lulu entered year 8 we were aware that there was quite a change pace and as a result, in how she was handling stress.  This started affecting not only her friendships but also her school work.  She started retreating into herself and becoming quite withdrawn and at the same time overly reactive in relation to what she perceived would be a stressful situation.  We were truly at our wits end regarding what to do to help her.  We had tried many things at home and involved the school in our discussions about how best to help her.  They suggested that Lulu might benefit from joining a group of girls that Rebecca was mentoring.  When the group approach did not suit her – Rebecca offered to see her once a week before school to help her navigate her way through some of the issues she was having both with her peers both in class and out of class.  Rebecca was just so gentle and caring with Lulu and seemed to be able to reach her when many couldn’t.  She saw Rebecca for most of that year – and it was enormously beneficial.  Not only did it help Lulu understand what was happening to her – but allowed her to try out new strategies to help with some of the issues she had with her peers and in the class room.  Rebecca always emailed us after the sessions with not only a report of what had been going on for Lulu in the past week, but also strategies that she had suggest to help which we could potentially discuss or even use at home.  Rebecca was truly like our lifeline!  Lulu is now in year 9 and doing so much better.  She is making great strides in terms of her integration into the community at school and we will forever be grateful that we were provided this great care by Rebecca.  We truly believe Rebecca helped Lulu navigate one of the toughest years of her life to date..”

— Lulu*’s Mum, New Zealand (name changed for privacy)