Celebration day for girls

start your daughter’s menstrual journey with Celebration & positivity

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Period empowerment and education nothing like what we received at school! 

Celebration Day for Girls is a beautiful way to mark this important rite of passage in an intimate, supportive and uplifting environment.

This workshop for girls aged 10-12 with their mother or female carer is designed to inspire curiosity, wonder and appreciation of the changes of puberty and the onset of menstruation.

With the intention to overturn secrecy and embarrassment, Celebration Day for Girls nurtures connection, normalisation and openness through practical and positive information, stories and fun activities.

 Mums often gather together a group of girls and get in touch so I can provide a workshop for you at a time that suits, or alternatively, I will occasionally advertise public sessions you can attend. I cater for up to 12 girls (plus their mums or important woman figure) per workshop.

I am a certified facilitator of Celebration Day for Girls, an international organisation who provides these workshops worldwide. Any burning questions you might have could be answered here at their FAQ page, or please feel free to get in touch for a chat with me!

If you would like me to hold a Celebration Day for Girls for your daughter and friends, join the next one I am running, or go on the waitlist, please click on the link below.

Price: NZ$155

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Rebel Starseeds aims to provide an inclusive, safe space. Individuals who identify as girls or as women are welcome at all Rebel Starseeds events and offerings. However, understandably this event may not be appropriate for girls to attend who will not experience periods in their lifetime, for whatever reason. Please do get in touch so I can support you through the creation of a bespoke celebration for the important rite of passage that is puberty.

“Thank you for providing a beautiful space to bond with our daughters, an amazing opportunity to teach them how to embrace their femininity” – Feedback from Carla, mum of Olivia, following a Celebration Day for Girls event