Big ups to the women who inspire us
Jun 2, 2019

I have just come off an international call with a group of women who are so dear to my heart. I’ve known all of them for at least a year, some of them for longer. How am I feeling? Energised, passionate, supported, and inspired. We didn’t do much more than meet, take turns to speak, a little meditation and giving thanks, but each of these women walk their own path to the beat of their own drums, and the power in that is electrifying. I am so grateful for their friendship.

On that note, I thought it appropriate to introduce the part of my online home that I really love, and the one that aims to uplift others who are doing amazing things in the world in service to girls and women. Websites, books + other inspo is my favourite part of my playground, and I invite you to have a wee look through if you are after a little inspiration or a recommendation for yourself. To make the space manageable, I have chosen a (relatively) small collection as a starting point. There are suggestions for teen girls, there are suggestions for women, and there are some suggestions that are relevant for both. Maybe one day I’ll have a back catalogue, as believe me when I say this is just a drop in the ocean! How lucky we are to be surrounded by humans doing such good. I hope you enjoy.

Lots of love and in gratitude x


This gorgeous photo is by Julie Johnson on Unsplash 


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