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intelligent rebellion for girls

Rebel Starseeds

Rebel Starseeds has been born out of a passion for working with our young women, both tweens and teens, to support them on their journey into adulthood. I have a deep admiration for our girls, and through teaching, coaching and mentoring, I have developed a great awareness of what they need to support them along the way.

Right from my first year of teaching, a slow burning rage and sadness started to appear as I witnessed our girls evolve from the innocence of childhood, into the insecurity of their tween and teen years. The way their eyes might not meet yours anymore. The way they apologise too much. How they feel the need to compare themselves, or compete in order to feel they are seen and valid as people. I also started to see where this was coming from. Social media, societal norms and expectations and the media have a lot to answer for. And that’s just the beginning. It’s damn hard for a girl to grow through a swamp of mud to become and own her beautiful self as an adult, and my mission is to help her find her strength and inner worth as she does this.

From this starting point through my school teaching, I began to expand my knowledge and understanding of self-love, empowerment and healing. This led me to Reiki, youth mentoring, life coaching and mindfulness, all of which worked beautifully alongside my background as a yoga teacher. The result is Rebel Starseeds, a holistic wellbeing service for girls and women to assist in rewilding, reconnecting and rebelling with intelligence.



I work with tweens, teen girls and their families to support them to become open, curious, heart-centred beings with a keen sense of self, self-worth and purpose. For our young women, I help them to navigate their formative adolescent years through sisterhood that celebrates each individual and holds her with love and space. This can be through 1:1 mentoring, tailor-made school programmes, and workshops.

Rebel Starseeds stands for intelligence – intelligence of emotion, not just how school measures us. Creativity. Love. Individuality, and all that comes from this. Support. Connection. Guidance and mentoring, if that’s what you or your girl is looking for. Fun! Play. Sisterhood and having each other’s backs. Learning, understanding, accepting and celebrating our inherent worth, in a world that so often tries to shut our girls down, tell them they are not enough, or imply that they need to change in some way. To do this, we need to rebel from all that noise we live in and choose to listen to ourselves over the damaging messages we receive on a daily basis. This is intelligent rebellion. This is Rebel Starseeds.

Intelligent rebellion for girls

About Bec

Hi! I’m Bec Coldicutt, and Rebel Starseeds was born out of my passion for teaching. More specifically, it was my passion for nurturing our young women that put a rocket under me to help this dream come to life!

I am a multi-passionate human, who relishes adventure and play. Some of those adventures include studying overseas, gaining my pilot’s licence, 5 epic summers of surf lifesaving, many moons at university, becoming a yoga teacher, practicing as a lawyer and then becoming a teacher, hiking, surfing, snowboarding, becoming a life coach through Beautiful You Coaching Academy and certified youth mentor with Shine From Within, and learning, practicing and now also teaching the healing art of Reiki. And that’s just to name a few!

Over the past 7 years of teaching, one of my greatest joys has been working with girls to help them celebrate themselves and support them through those very interesting teenage years. I wanted to continue this outside of the school environment, and expand it, to reach even more girls and their families. So much so, that Rebel Starseeds was born. My mission is to lead intelligent, purposeful rebellion for an empowered and inspiring life. Having now watched many of our girls evolve over the years, I believe intelligent rebellion is the key here – this is what we need to do to avoid self degradation from media, social media, marketing and societal norms and expectations. We rebel with a very worthy cause. We rebel to find our own path, to be happy in our own skins. This continues to be a challenge I work towards every day myself, and with this opportunity, what better time for you or the special young woman in your life to start, too.

I would love to walk this path with you, or with the incredible young woman in your life, and start blazing some trails. We have work to do. Rest assured it will be fun, challenging and rewarding, and only lead closer to the exquisite and precious human inside.