Rebel Starseeds

Intelligent Rebellion for Girls

Hi! I’m Bec, and I am absolutely stoked you have landed at my online home! I am a school teacher, certified Youth Mentor, Reiki Master/Teacher and internationally certified Life Coach with a burning passion to be of service to our girls. Rebel Starseeds is how I show up and offer these services through holistic coaching and mentoring, events, workshops and circles, all infused with Reiki healing and grounded in our cyclical natures as women. 

Rebel Starseeds stands for intelligence – intelligence of emotion, not just how school measures us. Creativity. Love. Individuality, and all that comes from this.

Support. Connection. Guidance, coaching and mentoring, if that’s what you or your girl is looking for. Fun! Play. Sisterhood and having each other’s backs.

Learning, understanding, accepting and celebrating our inherent worth, in a world that so often tries to shut our girls down, tell them they are not enough, or imply that they need to change in some way. To do this, we need to rebel from all that noise we live in and choose to listen to ourselves over the damaging messages we receive on a daily basis.

This is intelligent rebellion. This is Rebel Starseeds.

rewild. reconnect. rebel.

Offerings + Services

Reconnecting girls to who they are in essence

Mama Daughter Circles

Once a month, sit in circle with other mamas + daughters as we honour and replenish our sacred bonds, connect, laugh and share.


First Period Celebration Days for Girls

Start your daughter’s menstrual journey off with support and love with a holistic, informative and supremely nurturing celebration day.


Mentoring for girls

One-on-one mentoring for tween & teen girls by me, Bec ~ an experienced teacher, youth mentor, life coach and Reiki Master/Teacher.


Speaking events

As a school teacher, yoga teacher, and sacred space holder, I love holding space and presenting on a range of topics to do with women’s and girls’ wellbeing. Let me create something amazing for your event or school.


workshops for girls

These are always in high demand! Regular workshops for girls of all ages, building up their empowerment, self-love, connection to nature and intelligent rebellion.



Allow me to help you find flow, call in the energy you want, and experience deep rest through the incredible art of Reiki healing. Healing & teaching available.